Meet LFF


Spicy L’amour


 “I applaud the everyday women who have the courage to get on stage and shake all their womanly assets! We all have star quality, and I love seeing women who never thought they would ever do anything like this, debut their performance and shine like stars in their own right.”

-Spicy L’amour

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Ruby Mechant




“I want to wear a beautiful sparkly costume, I want to tease. I want to dance, use the beat of the music but most of all, I want a grand finale.”

-Ruby Mechant

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Hellz Kitten


“Burlesque has helped me in other areas too. I may not be ready to audition for a reality show, but I’m not hiding in the shadows anymore.”

-Hellz Kitten

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Luscious Lane


“Burlesque is in my soul! I love the tease and interacting with the audience. I especially love coming up with new routines and costumes.”

-Luscious Lane

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