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Sexy Quiz: What’s Your Super Bowl 50 Love Style?

Sexy Quiz: What’s Your Super Bowl 50 Love Style?

What’s Your Super Bowl 50 Love Style?

The big game is almost here. Carolina vs. Denver. Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning. Who will prevail? We’ll leave that to the sports fans, because we are concerned about only one thing: When it comes to passion, are you a Bronco or a Panther?

Wild and Unbridled – Bronco

You are ready to mount your lover and take them on a wild ride, bucking and kicking all the way.

Elegant and Sexy – Panther

Sleek and mysterious, you prefer to lure your lovers into a false sense of security, then pounce on them from above.

What makes a perfect first date?

An ice cold martini and some smoldering jazz

A hot night in da club

Netflix and chill

Pornhub and chill

Pick a car

BMW Z4 Roadster

Cadillac Escalade

Ford F-150

Whatever my Uber guy is driving

Pick a vacation

Skiing in Vail

Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru

Spring Break in Cabo

Carnival in Rio


Pick a snack

Pork Rinds

Pot brownies

Beef jerky

Boiled Peanuts


Pick a sport




Duh, football