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My First Time: GoGo Gadget

GoGo Gadget Beach Ball
GoGo Gadget shows us one of his balls.

Hi Friends! Welcome to the inaugural edition of My First Time. In this new feature, we ask some of our favorite performers to dish the deets on the first time they performed burlesque. Today, we chat up the self-described Bouncing Bubble Butt of Boylesk (and 2018 Silver Tusk Winner for Boogie Feet), Mr. GoGo Gadget!

LFF: Tells us about your first time performing burlesque on stage. What led you to that point? Were you nervous? How did you feel after? Do you have advice for anyone just starting out?

GoGo Gadget: My first time performing burlesque on stage was at drag queen Misty Meaner’s birthday celebration about 7 or 8 years ago at the now-defunct Vlada Lounge in Hell’s Kitchen.

It was the proto-version of what would be come my Butt-Mitzvah Clown routine. Since I’m accustomed to performing in my regular gig with Third Rail Projects, I wasn’t nervous to perform so much as I was to get everything “right”.

I felt terrible after, because many of my planned reveals failed and overall I just felt like it didn’t go as planned. What I did know immediately though, is that after that initial feeling of disappointment, I was determined to get back on the horse as soon as possible. I started right away to hatch a plan to get back into rehearsals and make what I’d envisioned truly possible.

Fortunately, I was on Chris (then Go-Go) Harder’s email list and he’d just announced his very first Boylesk 101 series of classes at House of Yes. I realized it was an opportunity to get my act polished and to learn from others instead of working in a vacuum. Best decision of my burly career.

Best advice I can give is, don’t work in a vacuum or silo. Make sure to process with others and to rehearse eventually with others in the room. (But only if that’s truly how best you work. I believe it’s possible that some artists are meant to work alone. I’m just definitely not one of them, and experience has taught me that those types are rare gems.)

LFF: Thanks for sharing with us! What’s next on the horizon?

GoGo Gadget: I’m an International Headliner at the London Burlesque Festival on May 24th and 25th! I’m also regularly performing in Third Rail Projects‘ ongoing sold out immersive theater sensation Then She Fell through October.

You can also catch Gadget in LFF’s production of Out of the Corner: Baby’s Revenge – it’sDirty Dancing like you’ve never seen it before! Mark your calendars for October 5 and stay tuned for more info!

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Photos: Veronica Toone