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Decadent Photos!

Decadent Photos!

Finally! Here are some photos from Decadent: 100 Years of Burlesque. From Dandy Dillinger’s 1920s showgirl fabulosity to Candy Applebottom’s 2010s tribute to staying connected, we traveled through time on Saturday, April 22 and never looked back. Thanks to everyone who came out to The Triad and made the voyage so fantastic.


Dandy Dillinger kicks us off with an ethereal number reminiscent of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.


Ruby Mechant gives us some 1930s glamour with just a touch of Italian sass.


Spicy L’amour blows her bugle for the boys “over there.”


Shimmy LeCoeur shows us the devil in disguise with her tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Hellz Kitten asks the age-old question, “will you still love me tomorrow?” with a shocking twist at the end.


Munroe Lilly loves to love us and takes another little piece of our hearts.


Luscious Lane revisits the Cold War with a “pop” of color.


Tutu Toussaint gives us montage of the best ’90s hip-hop.


Twinky Boots takes the red pill with his tribute to the Matrix.


And finally, Candy Applebottom lights up our world with her sassy futuristic moves.

Behind the scenes:

Photos: Veronica Toone


A ‘Dandy’ Trip Through Time

A ‘Dandy’ Trip Through Time

Dandy Dillinger, Vintage Beauty

FB: dandy.dillinger
IG: @dandydillinger

We are beyond excited for Decadent, our voyage through 100 years of burlesque, on April 22, and we are even more excited to welcome back Dandy Dillinger, who performed with us in our very first show (in 2015!).

Dandy, “burlesque’s ‘man’ about town,” is the perfect choice to represent the 1920s because of her classic, vintage look. She even has the awards to back up her cred, having been voted Miss Art Deco by the Art Deco Society of NY last year.

She is just one of the fabulous performers who will be on hand to send you back in time at the Triad on April 22. Tickets will be on sale soon, so be sure to check back often.


Bonjour World!

Bonjour World!


Les Femmes Fatales are très happy to be here. OUR FIRST SHOW is Friday, November 20, 9 PM at the Triad Theater, 158 W. 72 St.

Come join us as we shake, shimmy and give thanks for our abundant assets.

Hosted by the lovely Jules Brittannia, Les Femmes Fatales Give Thanks features the sublime Dandy Dillinger and a cornucopia of badass burlesque beauties, including Ruby Mechant, Spicy L’amour, Luscious Lane, Shimmy LeCoeur and some nubile virgins making their burlesque debuts. For those of you who like man-meat, we also have a boylesque number starring the delicious Munroe Lilly!

Tickets are available now and are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. It’s a small theater and will probably sell out, so plan ahead and save $5!

(We are donating a portion of the proceeds to a local food bank, because that’s how we roll. Details to come. So come watch us shake our tatas to feed the hungry.)

Thanks so much and we can’t wait to see you on the 20th!

Les Femmes Fatales