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Awkward Holiday Party PHOTOS!

Awkward Holiday Party PHOTOS!

On Saturday, December 9, we threw an Awkward Holiday Party at The Triad. Our intrepid guests braved the 3-inch snowmageddon and were rewarded with a super fun evening that included naughty reindeer, naked elves, drag ballet and the placing of legos into some very intimate places. Here are some photos from act one.

Ready for act two? Click HERE. And thanks again to all the performers, our awesome audience and everyone who bought raffle tickets to support Pets for Vets. We raised over $300!

Until next time!

Great ExPETations

As you may know, Pets for Vets is a national nonprofit that pairs shelter dogs with returning veterans to help them deal with PTSD, depression and other post-deployment issues. Here are some videos explaining more about their mission and introducing you to some of the vets and pups they’ve helped.

*sniff* Is it getting a little dusty in here? Just me? Okay, fine.

Anyway, we’d love for you come out to The Triad Saturday night for Awkward Holiday Party, where we will be raising money for the NYC-Long Island chapter of Pets for Vets. Tickets start at just $15! (LIMITED TIME OFFER! Use promo code JINGLEBALLS to save 15%!)

You can also donate to Pets for Vets NYC-LI directly via PAYPAL.

But we really hope to see you on Saturday!

Awkward Holiday Party, December 9 at The Triad Theater, 158 W. 72nd Street, NY, NY, 10023, 212-362-2590. Doors at 9; Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at door. 


Decadent Photos!

Decadent Photos!

Finally! Here are some photos from Decadent: 100 Years of Burlesque. From Dandy Dillinger’s 1920s showgirl fabulosity to Candy Applebottom’s 2010s tribute to staying connected, we traveled through time on Saturday, April 22 and never looked back. Thanks to everyone who came out to The Triad and made the voyage so fantastic.


Dandy Dillinger kicks us off with an ethereal number reminiscent of a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.


Ruby Mechant gives us some 1930s glamour with just a touch of Italian sass.


Spicy L’amour blows her bugle for the boys “over there.”


Shimmy LeCoeur shows us the devil in disguise with her tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Hellz Kitten asks the age-old question, “will you still love me tomorrow?” with a shocking twist at the end.


Munroe Lilly loves to love us and takes another little piece of our hearts.


Luscious Lane revisits the Cold War with a “pop” of color.


Tutu Toussaint gives us montage of the best ’90s hip-hop.


Twinky Boots takes the red pill with his tribute to the Matrix.


And finally, Candy Applebottom lights up our world with her sassy futuristic moves.

Behind the scenes:

Photos: Veronica Toone


Love Me If You Dare Photos

Love Me If You Dare Photos


For your viewing pleasure: some pics from our Valentine’s show Love Me If You Dare. All photos courtesy of Dance to Eternity. Head on over to their page to see ALL the photos.

We hope you like what you see. And do stay tuned for details about the next show, Luscious Lane’s Cakeball Masquerade coming to The Triad on April 16. See you there!


A Little Sketchy

A Little Sketchy

Saturday, February 13 was a cold night in New York City, but these lovelies left the Triad audience sizzling. We had a great turnout for our second show, Love Me If You Dare, including a special guest: Artist Eric Ortiz*, who was kind enough to take brush to paper and whip up a few sketches of our sassy performers.

If you’re interested in purchasing any artwork (you are interested, aren’t you??), contact Ruby Mechant at rubymechant@gmail.com or  Eric at ericortiz@studiocygnatura.com. You can also tweet Eric at @studiocygnatura.

If you missed the show (shame on you!), you can see videos here. Be sure to follow us on YouTube so you’ll never miss a moment.

And stay tuned for news of upcoming shows on April 16 and June 18. Exciting times ahead! 

Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon!



Hellz Corner: Seven Sins To Commit Before Midnight

Hellz Corner: Seven Sins To Commit Before Midnight

Don’t throw your life away like so many beads on a NOLA tree.

Today is Mardi Gras, the culmination of Carnival season, which means it’s your last chance to indulge your most decadent desires before that buzzkill Lent shows up to ruin the party.  A true miscreant would have been working on this since early January, but for the rest of you, time’s a’ticking. If you want to make sure you’ve gotten all the debauchery out of your system, you’d better commit ALL the deadly sins before the day is over.

Are you afraid this is too lofty a goal for a high-minded, law-abiding citizen like yourself? Well, fear not. Les Femmes Fatales have prepared this handy guide for you.

Envy: Your friends have romantic plans for Valentine’s weekend, but they don’t include you. You could be envious, which isn’t a bad start, but why not turn the tables by buying tickets to our Saturday night show, Love Me If You Dare. By doing so, you will become the envy of those schmoopy friends and of course, your entire social circle. Spread the sin around. Envy for everyone!

Gluttony: They don’t call it “Fat Tuesday” for nothing. Screw that gluten-free diet, today’s the day to order an appetizer, entrée AND dessert for all three meals. And we have the perfect dessert for you: candy. Not just one kind, but two: Freaky Candy and Candy Applebottom. Freaky or Sweet, these lovely ladies will satisfy your cravings this Saturday night. Why have one dessert when you can have two? Buy your tickets today to get both. It is Fat Tuesday, after all.

Greed: You could continue hoarding candy or you could kick it up a notch. Don’t just buy one ticket to Love Me If You Dare, buy at least five. Or even better – why not buy out the whole house? How awesome would it be to spread out with your closest friends and watch the show in comfort away from the riff-raff? Think of all the personal attention you’ll get, not to mention all the extra alcohol.

Lust: This one seems pretty obvious. Do I really need to point to our gallery of foxy fearless femmes (and some hommes)? Click this link and prepare to be titillated.

Pride: Now that you’ve bought tickets to the most awesome show ever, it’s time to tell the world. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Hell, put it on LinkedIn. Your boss and prospective future employers need to know how freaking cool you are.

Sloth: Okay, so you’ve been through the wringer today. You’ve made all your friends jealous, you’ve pigged out on candy, you’ve swooned over our sexy sirens, now you’re exhausted. It’s okay. Lie on the couch and relax. Put on Netflix. And when you get bored with Making a Murderer, head to our YouTube channel and watch les femmes in action. Prime your pump for Saturday night. But don’t prime it too hard. You need a rest.

Wrath: It’s entirely possible you are angry at this blatant attempt to make you buy tickets to Love Me If You Dare, in which case, our work is done. If not, think for one minute how mad you will be if all your friends go to the show and you don’t. The FOMO struggle is real, y’all. Need I say more?

So there you have it. As of this writing, you have approximately eight more hours (east coast time) until midnight. Get sinning!


LFF_Feb16_Triad_update (4)Love me if you Dare. At the Triad THIS SATURDAY, 9 PM. Hosted by Jule Brittannia.  Featuring: Pandora and Candy Applebottom. Special Guests: Freaky Candy and Vixen Valentine. With: Molly Manhattan, Ruby Mechant, Spicy L’amour, Munroe Lilly, Jack of Hearts, Luna Rapture, Silky Bliss, Shimmy LeCoeur and Hellz Kitten. And more! Don’t miss out!

Tickets: TriadNYC.com

Hellz Corner: Q&A with Candy Applebottom

Hellz Corner: Q&A with Candy Applebottom

IMG_0140Hello Lovers,

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means there is less than a week until our Valentine’s show, Love Me If You Dare. Whether you’re waiting for kick-off, or just waiting for us to kick off our clothes, why not pull up a chair and get to know one of our favorite foxy football fans, Candy Applebottom.

Name: Candy Applebottom


Social Media/Website:
IG: Candyapplebottom77
FB: Candy Applebottom
Twitter: @candyappleB


How long have you been burlesquing?
More than six blissful glitter years…but according to recovered VHS family videos, I’ve been documented lifting my dresses since I was four.

What drew you/draws you to burlesque?
Burlesque allows me to be me. I would steal the concept from Scarlett James, that burlesque allows you to play any character and live out every fantasy your heart desires. I would take it even further and say it’s a platform for acceptance of oneself, true self-love expressed on stage or in your private space. You in your purest form. It takes courage, confidence and a willingness to share what makes you most vulnerable. I love watching all the performers glow on stage, whether it’s a first-timer or the daily showstoppers. Stories and emotions unfold and beauty comes in every form. Burlesque is my happy space.

What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?
I love trying out all types of dance classes (which inspire future numbers), exploring new places (I’m an avid scuba diver), and spending downtime pussy power hours cuddling with my two favorite felines, Bagel and Jojo. And during football season, you can find me every weekend at Daddy-O’s cheering on my Steelers!

Who is your dream Valentine?
Channing Tatum, please.

Candy is one of the badass beauties set to warm up your weekend next Saturday at The Triad. Hurry and get your tickets before they sell out!

Hellz Kitten

LFF_Feb16_Triad_update (4)


Be Our Valentine

Be Our Valentine

Tickets are ON SALE for Love Me If You Dare, Les Femmes Fatales’ sexy new Valentine’s show Saturday, February 13 at The Triad.

This saucy showcase features Pandora and Candy Applebottom along with special guests Freaky Candy and Vixen Valentine. There will also be a hula hoop number from Molly Manhattan, boylesque from Munroe Lilly and some new and old faces.

Don’t miss out! Get tickets now for only $18 ($25 at the door).

Love is in the Dare!

Tickets here!


Triad Theater

158 W. 72 St.


New Year, New Show

New Year, New Show

Happy 2016 from toutes les femmes!

We hope you had a sparkly, glittery holiday season. We are busy finalizing details for our Valentine’s show, which will be held Saturday, February 13 at The Triad.

Hosted by Jule Brittannia, this badass burlesque bonanza will feature the delicious Candy Applebottom and seductive siren Pandora. The magnificent Molly Manhattan will jump through hoops to make your evening magical and there will be other surprises to charm and delight you.

Tickets will be available soon, so check back often.

We can’t wait to see you in February!

Hellz Kitten

LFF_Feb16_Triad_update (4)