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Meet the Flavors: Shimmy LeCoeur

Meet the Flavors: Shimmy LeCoeur

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Shimmy LeCoeur

There are less than two weeks until Luscious Lane’s CakeBall Masquerade, a burlesque review featuring some sweet and sexy “flavors.” Luscious Lane sat down with some of the performers who inspired her. Meet Shimmy LeCouer.

LL: How long have you been burlesquing?

I started burlesque dancing four-and-a-half glorious years ago. I was actually taking the Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp class and they offered a workshop for their Christmas show. Sometimes there are funny reasons that bring you to something that becomes such a wonderful part of your life. Regardless, I needed something to step outside my comfort zone and thought, what could do that more than stripping down on stage? It became the best experience of my life.

LL: What drew you/draws you to burlesque?

Not only have I met so many wonderful, amazing women who have become so important in my life, but I have found a side of myself that was hidden and needed to be expressed. I wouldn’t trade my burlesque life for anything.

LL: What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?

During the day I am a nurse. When I started burlesque dancing I was going to nursing school and found ways to dance while studying and working full time. Burlesque was my escape from all the craziness that was my life at the time. So during the day, I take care of people medically. During the night I shimmy into their hearts and give them a glorious jumpstart.

LL: I was inspired by your burlesque name to create a cakeball flavor. Any guesses as to what I have up my sleeve?

I think my burlesque flavor would be sweet but have a sexiness about it. My dances start out sweet but always end with a level of sexiness shimmying across the stage.

Let Shimmy shimmy across the stage and jumpstart YOUR heart. Get your tickets for the CakeBall Masquerade today.

Hurry, they are selling fast!

See you at The Triad on April 16!

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