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My First Time: Jason Waterfalls

Don’t go Jason Waterfalls… wait – what?!

Welcome back to My First Time, wherein we harass people into telling us their darkest secrets. Well, at least insofar as it relates to their first time performing burlesque. This week, we sat down (so to speak) with Members Only Boylesque’s Jason Waterfalls.

LFF: Tells us about your first time performing boylesque on stage. What led you to that point? Were you nervous? How did you feel after? Do you have advice for anyone just starting out?

Jason Waterfalls: I had just graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater and I wanted to find creative outlets to focus my energies on before I moved to NYC. I was living in Fargo, ND and a friend had taken me to a local burlesque troupe’s show.

I was so full of false modesty at the time that I blushed so hard just being at that show, but I loved the autonomy each performer had over every aspect of the creative process.

I reached out to the group, Bad Weather Burlesque, and resolved to perform in their Naughty Novices night. I put together more of a dance routine and sewed my own costume and my entire family came out to support me. It meant so much to me to have them in my corner. When I started my own show here in the city they even surprised me by flying out for our one year anniversary show.

LFF: That’s amazing! Where can we see you next?

Jason: Members Only Boylesque on May 31 at the Laurie Beechman Theater.

Great! Thanks! And folks, you heard the man, go see him on Friday at the Laurie Beechman!

And be sure to come back next Wednesday, when we talk to “The Sparkling Jewel of Burlesque,” Angelica Lavalier!

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