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My First Time: Jackie Nova

Hello and happy Wednesday! This week’s first-timer is none other than The Clown of the Cosmos, Jackie Nova!

Jackie Nova, Balloon Act, Bananas vs. Cherries
Jackie Nova competes for the BEST BLOW JOB award at Drom NYC on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

LFF: Tells us about your first time performing burlesque on stage. What led you to that point? Were you nervous? How did you feel after? Do you have advice for anyone just starting out?

Jackie Nova: It was back in 2014 that I first started daydreaming a lot about burlesque. While traveling on the train to and from my day job, my mind would wander while I listened to music, and the images were always of me doing some kind of fabulous dance in a spotlight, sexy and funny and full of energy. It was a time when I wasn’t performing as much as I wanted to be, and I was also going through a breakup. I did a little research, saw a listing for an Intro to BQ class at the New York School of Burlesque, and enrolled.

After that class, I put together my first true ‘act’ and tried it at a friend’s open-mic night. I recorded it, showed it to a few friends, and a few weeks later one of those friends contacted me with info he’d seen about a new all-male boylesque troupe that was forming. I tried out for Bad Apple Boylesque and became one of their inaugural members, and what followed was a year of lighting creative fires under my own ass, with great feedback and joy and artistic community-building as fruits of the labor and love.

Those first times performing– in the Intro to BQ class, at my friend’s open mic, and then at the Stonewall Inn at Bad Apple’s first show– were magical, because they were the seeds of something new. At Stonewall in particular, it was like something in me was slowly and boldly opening, and I was tapping into everything that I new to bring this “sexual comedy” to the stage.

I was nervous because I wanted it all to go perfectly, and the great thing about doing burlesque is that (for me at least) it has NEVER gone perfectly, and I have to be at peace with that, grateful for whatever is happening, excelling, or getting comically screwed up in the live performance. It may sound cliche, but it is true that after stripping down in front of people, I did feel like I could do almost anything else in front of an audience thereafter. I’m less apologetic about my body, and public nudity feels strangely comforting.

My advice to anyone starting out is to daydream a bit to music that you love, and ideas for numbers may start to evolve. Also, having a team of people who love and support you are unbeatable tools to making it all happen (I’d be nothing without my exceptional costume designer, a skill I myself neither have nor have any desire to master, lol).

And maybe also I’d say to try and put into words WHY you want to do burlesque. It can be super selfish (I think that’s a thing we all should be from time to time) and about feeling every inch of your own skin; it can be an act of communal love and worship akin to church; it can be revolutionary and flipping the bird to the puritanical roots of our societal norms; it can be just to make people laugh; it can be all of those things in a single act. Whatever it is, if you’re honest about it, it’s gonna be a frickin’ great show.

LFF: Wow, that’s great! Thank you so much. And do you have any upcoming gigs?

Jackie: June 14 at the Laurie Beechman Theater, for Members Only Boylesque.

That’s THIS FRIDAY peeps! Go see him! Buy Tickets.

And be sure to come back next week when we talk to the newest member of OUR team: Soleil!

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Relive the Naughty Aughties with Twinky Boots

Relive the Naughty Aughties with Twinky Boots

Twinky Boots at 'Unleashed' in February
Twinky Boots at ‘Unleashed’ in February

Twitter: @twinkyboots

The last eighty years have flown by in a blur, have they not? It’s hard to believe we are already in the ’00s. (Did anyone ever come up with a good name for this decade? The aughties? The double goose eggs? Anyone? Bueller?)

In any case, we are super excited to welcome back one of our favorite performers, Bad Apple Boylesque’s Twinky Boots, who will represent the ’00s in Decadent: 100 Years of Burlesque. This voyeuristic voyage from the 1920s to the 2010s will be happening in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS (OMG!).

We’ve spoken to Twinky on a number of occasions, which you can read about here, here and here.

Twinky first dipped his toe into burlesque as a performer with Broadway Bares, an annual charity event to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and we are very proud to share the stage with him again. Come see him take on the 2000s on April 22.

AND! For a limited time, you can buy one ticket and get the second half-off with promo BOGO50. No limit (as long as you buy in twos), so get one for everyone you know!

Kicking Back with Twinky Boots

Kicking Back with Twinky Boots

Twinky Boots

Social Media/website:
Twitter: @twinkyboots

It’s always a pleasure to share the stage with Twinky Boots, one of the super hot performers from NYC’s Bad Apple Boylesque. A self-described “love child of Broadway producer/choreographer Jerry Mitchell and Bad Apple Boylesque co-founders Apollo Dioni and Don Chipotle,” Twinky got his first taste of burlesque as a performer with Broadway Bares, an annual charity event to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

Read more about Twinky here and here.

Twinky joins us at the Met Room on February 18 for Unleashed: Pilots, Puppies and Pasties, and has promised a performance replete with pilots and puppies.

Unleashed Promo Poster-page-001
Unleashed: Pilots, Puppies and Pasties: $25; Performance is at The Metropolitan Room (34 West 22nd Street, NY, NY 10010, Between 5th & 6th Aves). Call 212.206.0440 or visit MetropolitanRoom.com for more information. Nearest Subways: 23rd Street Station on 1, 2, N, Q, R, F, M, PATH.


Meet the Sirens: Twinky Boots

Meet the Sirens: Twinky Boots

Happy Tuesday! The week is chugging along and there are only a few days until Les Femmes Fatales’ sultry summer show Sirens of the Solstice. Hellz Kitten sat down for a Q&A with Bad Apple Boylesque’s Twinky Boots.

Twinky Boots

Social Media/website:
Twitter: @twinkyboots

How long have you been burlesquing?
I got involved burlesquing with Broadway Bares two years ago, but started doing it solo four months ago. 

What drew you/draws you to burlesque?
I enjoy the freedom to tell a story and let my sexy/quirky sides out.

What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?
I still dance a lot away from burlesque but I also bartend all summer in Saugatuck, Michigan at a gay resort called The Dunes.

What is the sexiest thing about summer?
It gives me an excuse to wear the abundance of Speedos I own. 

*You can also read more about Twinky here.*

Come see Twinky and a school of sexy sirens at The Triad on June 18. Coming from the Mermaid Parade? Show up in your costume for a chance to win prizes! Tickets.


And we would love for you to join us on June 16 for Burlesque Cocktail Hour at Madame XMore info.

See you soon!

Thursday Tease: Twinky Boots

Thursday Tease: Twinky Boots

T-minus 36 hours until the long weekend of Lincoln, love and lust. Take two to toast the #ThursdayTease, a titillation alliteration as LFF talks it up with Twinky Boots, a tasty delight making his boylesque debut Saturday night.

Photo Credit: @robertoaraujophotography

Name: Twinky Boots

Social Media:
Twitter: @twinkyboots – launching soon!

How did you start in boylesque?
I started in Burlesque/Boylesque through Jerry Mitchell and his charity event Broadway Bares which benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. I stumbled across the @BCEFA event on YouTube when I was still in college and was immediately drawn to this sexy event that wasn’t raunchy but still seemed taboo for a kid raised in central Kentucky. When I moved to the city one of my goals was to be involved in the show whatever way possible. I started go-go dancing and eventually became involved in a full scale strip number for their 25th anniversary.

Why Badapple Boylesque?
I went to one of their shows, and after the first number my date turned to me and said “you should be doing that.” I took that in for a moment, and then said “Yes I should, and I will.” I reached out to Bad Apple Boylesque the next day, and was drafting my first number by the end of the week. I’m the newest member of the troupe, and the group has been incredibly welcoming.

Tell us about your boylesque name.
Sloppi Chulo, one of the members of Bad Apple Burlesque helped collaborate on my name. I wanted something quirky that pointed to my connection to theatre and defined how I’ve never seemed to grow out of being a twink.

twinkyb_How do you define badass?
Having the strength of character to put yourself out there even if it could be a total failure. Making the effort to try, that’s badass!

Best advice since you started performing.
Don’t try to focus on too many ideas at once for your numbers. Focus on one, polish it to your liking, and then you can start on another.

What do you do when you are not boylesquing?
I’m relatively normal when I’m not onstage. I watch a LOT of movies, read a lot of books, take dance class, try to date, work one of my other performance jobs (backup dancing for drag queens like Miss Fame, Katya, Ginger Minj, Sherri Vine and Pandora Boxx).

Your favorite Valentine?
I’m going to answer this like you asked my favorite Valentine treat, haha, because I have a sweet tooth and LOVE cookies. But in all honesty I also kind of miss those Valentine cards you had to give out in elementary school. If they made them for adults I would want Kristen Wiig ones that say things like “I’m so…freaking excited you’re my Valentine!” or “Happy Valentine’s Day, you’re APPROVED!” Someone needs to get on that.

What’s next for Twinky Boots?
First up is my Boylesque debut with Bad Apple Boylesque this Saturday, February 13 at 7 PM at The Triad NYC. If that all goes well, then you’ll be seeing more of me at Bad Apple Boylesque in their monthly series at The Triad.

* * *
Love Me If You Dare kicks off at 9PM on Saturday, but why not head to The Triad a little early for a boylesque appetizer with Twinky and the rest of the Bad Apples? Two hot shows on a cold night!