Spicy L’amour

FF_Spicy_EttaName: Spicy L’amour

Hometown: Auckland, NZ…but now a New Yorker!

Social Media/Website:
FB: spicylamour
Instagram: spicylamour

How long have you been burlesquing?
Since 2011

What drew/draws you to burlesque?
I love how it embraces women of all shapes and sizes. It is an art form that promotes a positive body image, working with what we have and loving ourselves the way it is! For me it is the epitome of girl power.


Who or what would you say are your burlesque influences?
I applaud the everyday women who have the courage to get on stage and shake all their womanly assets! We all have star quality, and I love seeing women who never thought they would ever do anything like this, debut their performance and shine like stars in their own right.

What kind of Femme Fatale are you and why?
Tricky question….I see myself more of a Lara Croft, Le Femme Nikita kind of Femme Fatale…one that can hold her own in a room full of testosterone, use her wit and charm to negotiate, one who can throw a mean right hook and a roundhouse kick if need be. I can do that, and have a law degree to boot (don’t mind the pun)!

What does it mean to be badass?
I love being feminine, wearing flowers in my hair, getting all dolled up, feeling pretty and sexy. And I especially love expressing myself onstage as a burlesque dancer. I also love putting on my racing gear and tackling obstacle courses, from jumping over fire logs to crawling under a barbed-wire mud pit! These passions are two sides of the same coin calling on the phenomenal power ingrained in women everywhere to overcome obstacles boldly, with grace and style. That to me is badass!

What is your behind the scenes role with FF?

Uniter. Rallying to bring the ladies together…especially those who expressed their desire to form our own group, makes me our front row cheerleader!

What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?
I love mud racing and conquering the Spartan races. My mantra: being fit, feminine and fabulous!

What would you like to get out of this endeavor?
Giving back to a charitable cause each time we perform.

Anything you’d like to add?
I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my darling husband for always supporting me, proudly attending every show, whipping out the sewing machine to fix my costumes and schlepping all my gear after every performance. He is my number one fan!

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