Performers to the Rescue: Ruby Mechant

Ruby Mechant

Instagram: @ruby_mechant

LFF Co-founder and producer Ruby Mechant is passionate about many things, but rescue animals in particular. Here are some of her “babies” and how they came to be part of her sparkly universe.

In her own words:

Cleo reclines on the beach

My family became pit bull aficionados by mistake. We really didn’t know we were picking up at the shelter Cleo, our very first pit. She lived a very long and happy life chasing cats and squirrels in Lake Como.

Asia with Ruby


Asia was a rescue too. Her previous family left her at the shelter at the age of two because they were having a baby and they said she was “too much to handle.” Well, if you don’t know how to train a dog even the tiniest chihuahua can become too much.

The newest edition – Bailey

As to the cat side, here in NYC you can say that Bailey aka ‘Queen B’ (not because of Beyonce, but because the little snitch knows she is beautiful), will take possession of my apartment and begin her residency on Feb 14th. She was abandoned by her previous family because they moved to a building that does not allow pets – so sure just get rid of your cat. Because of that she is a tad temperamental and she has to be the only cat in the house. It’s gonna be a slow journey with her but it’s not the first time that the rescue I volunteer has given me divas. I’m sure she will get used to feather boas and sparkly costumes soon!

Ruby and the rest of the LFF team are working hard behind the scenes to make Unleashed: Pilots, Puppies and Pasties an amazing show to benefit an amazing organization. Pilots to the Rescue is dedicated to making sure animals like Cleo, Asia and Bailey find their very own Ruby. Won’t you join us on February 18 at the Met Room to support them? Details below.
Unleashed Promo Poster-page-001Unleashed: Pilots, Puppies and Pasties: $25; Performance is at The Metropolitan Room (34 West 22nd Street, NY, NY 10010, Between 5th & 6th Aves). Call 212.206.0440 or visit for more information. Nearest Subways: 23rd Street Station on 1, 2, N, Q, R, F, M, PATH.


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