Meet the Temptresses: Dixie Pop

Dixie Pop

Hello friends!

We are getting closer and closer to our end-of-summer sun-sation, Forbidden Eden . It’s time to meet another one of our virgins, Dixie Pop.

Social Media/website:
I am still creating one for burlesque, but hope to have it up soon.

How long have you been burlesquing?
I have been doing burlesque for less than a year. My first show was a burlesque Sound of Music, where I played one of the nuns. I am very excited to do my first-ever solo routine!

What drew you/draws you to burlesque?
I am drawn to burlesque because of the confidence that each burlesque performer has. They show everyone that no matter what, you can feel confident and beautiful about yourself and your body.

What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?
When I am not burlesquing, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, supporting local theaters, zumba, and catching up on Netflix.

What is your biggest temptation?
My biggest temptation is the love of my life, my boyfriend. I want to spend all of my time with him but I can’t when I’m working.

If you were a forbidden fruit, what would you be and why? If I were a forbidden fruit, I would be the durian fruit because it is noted to be one of the most mysterious fruits in existence.

Join us at The Triad on August 27 to see Dixie pop on stage with the rest of our juicy lineup. Tickets.

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