Meet the Sirens: Elsa Riot

We are almost a week away from Les Femmes Fatales’ sultry summer show Sirens of the Solstice. Hellz Kitten sat down for a Q&A with some of the performers. Meet Boston’s own Elsa Riot.

Elsa Riot

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How long have you been burlesquing?
Just over a year.

What drew you/draws you to burlesque?
I can be geeky and goofy and sexy all at the same time! In most parts of life I must tone down at least one of those but on a burlesque stage I can give you everything!

What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?
Playing Dungeons & Dragons! As the Dungeon Master I get to be the big bad guy and routinely plot the end of the world. So it feeds my evil side and always challenges me to be creative. Some of my burlesque acts are actually inspired by my villains!

What is the sexiest thing about summer?
Porches. Show me a beautiful porch on a hot day and I WILL undress and lie on it!

Come see Elsa and a school of sexy sirens at The Triad on June 18. Coming from the Mermaid Parade? Show up in your costume for a chance to win prizes! Tickets.


And we would love for you to join us on June 16 for Burlesque Cocktail Hour at Madame XMore info.

See you soon!

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