Meet the Flavors: Vixen Noir

Vixen Noir

There is less than a week until Luscious Lane’s CakeBall Masquerade, a burlesque review featuring some sweet and sexy “flavors.” Luscious Lane sat down with some of the performers who inspired her. Meet Vixen Noir.

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LL: How long have you been burlesquing?

I’ve been doing burlesque since June 2014.

LL: What drew you/draws you to burlesque?

Burlesque is Freedom. There is no ideal feminine form that is identified as solely being “sexy” or “beautiful”. We all are. Period. I’ve shared the stage with women in their twenties and their sixties simultaneously. Each body is telling a story of their life’s journey to Freedom on the stage. Every stretch mark, every scar, every ripple of cellulite…Freedom.

I’ve had some amazing women as teachers & mentors and cultivated strong friendships. I accept and embrace every perfect imperfection that is my physical body & own my sexuality on my terms unapologetically. For a woman in this culture, that is Freedom.

LL: What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?

When I’m not burlesquing, I’m healing people with my superpowers, or writing science fiction stories. I must stay in some creative avenue in my daily life.

LL: I was inspired by your burlesque name to create a cakeball flavor. Any guesses as to what I have up my sleeve?

Well, since I’m always underestimated, I’m going to say it’s probably something extra sugary sweet with some frosting-like filling. Hahahaha – but it should be a dark and indefinable taste that lingers long after you’ve wiped your lips.

Come get your own taste of this Vixen! Get your tickets for the CakeBall Masquerade today.

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See you at The Triad on April 16!

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