Sexy Quiz: What’s Your Cakeball Flavor?

Luscious Lane is throwing a party to celebrate cakeballs and she was inspired by some of her favorite burlesque flavors. Have you ever wondered what YOUR cakeball flavor would be? Well wonder no more. Take this quiz and find out.

What’s Your Cakeball Flavor?

Are you dark and decadent like Double Chocolate or light and fruity like Raspberry Champagne? Take this quiz and find out. (And click here to get up close and personal with some ‘flavors’ at Luscious Lane’s CakeBall Masquerade.)

Red Velvet

You are classic, old-school. Authentic, honest and down-to-earth. A loyal friend who is always ready with an encouraging word and a stiff drink. You are like coming home on a rainy night to a cozy couch, a roaring fire and a dry martini.

Salted Caramel

You are a little salty and a little sweet. You have a wicked sense of humor and are always up for a road trip. You like to drink tequila and wear cowboy boots and you make a great wingman (or woman).

Raspberry Champagne

You are classy and confident with high standards. You’re a winner who expects the best and gets it. You speak several languages and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer in any of them. You know all the hottest spots in town and you always take UberBLACK.

Lemon Dream

You are cheerful and optimistic, a sunny force to be reckoned with. You are an early riser, but everyone loves you anyway, because you are so much fun to be around. You are light and effervescent, like a chilled glass of Prosecco.

Vanilla Chai

You are laid-back and mellow and smell faintly of cloves. You are on a spiritual quest even if you rarely leave the house. You dream of selling your belongings and backpacking across Southeast Asia. You may have dabbled in the occult.

Double Chocolate

You are passionate and sensual and thoroughly self-indulgent. You work hard and play hard and are always chasing that next high. You’ve probably taken a selfie with a tiger.

Your go-to drink?

Something fruity

A highball, because I miss Mad Men

A chilled glass of Rose

Shot of Fireball

I don’t drink and I’m judging you for asking

What is your favorite 80s movie?

Dirty Dancing

Top Gun

The Outsiders

Sixteen Candles

Uh, I wasn’t even alive in the 80s

What are you binge-watching?

House of Cards

Orange is the New Black


Old episodes of ‘This Old House’


What is your guilty pleasure?

ALL the chocolate

Dancing with the Stars

Cocaine and hookers

Collecting vintage action figures

I’ve been advised by my attorney not to answer

Favorite incarnation of House Hunters?

House Hunters Renovations

House Hunters International

Tiny House Hunters

What the F is House Hunters?

I don’t own a TV and am judging you for asking

2016 Presidential Candidate?

I stand with Hillary

Feelin’ the Bern

Cruisin’ for Cruz

Trump all the way

I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a fork than vote for any of them

Dream vacation?


Spiritual retreat in Bali


Vegas, baby!

Trekking in Nepal

Favorite Kevin Bacon Movie?

Duh- Footloose

A Few Good Men


Hollow Man


Time-travel destination?

1920s Paris

The Old West

The Amalfi Coast, 1964

The sky city of Los Angeles, 2245

Anyplace I can rape and pillage with impunity

And now that you know, join us at The Triad on Saturday, April 16. Get your tickets now before they are gone. It promises to be a sexy and delicious evening! We look forward to seeing you there!


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