Cakeball Madness – Day Four

Happy First Day of Spring!

It’s also the fourth day of Cakeball Madness, which  means we are halfway through Round One. Today’s cookie-licious contestants are #4 Cookies & Cream vs. #13 S’more. Which one will stick around for s’more?

Cakeball Madness: Cookies & Cream vs. S’more

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Cookies & Cream


What is this?
Les Femmes Fatales’ resident badass baker Luscious Lane (AKA Auntie Liana) is throwing a burlesque party next month to celebrate cakeballs! We thought we would get you in the mood March Madness-style by letting you vote in our own tournament of taste.

Below is a bracket of Luscious Lane’s most popular cakeball flavors. It’s up to you to decide which one will be the Ultimate Cakeball Champion. Each day, we’ll post a head-to-head poll of two delicious cakeball flavors and YOU get to pick which one moves to the next round.

And stay tuned for ticket info and details about Luscious Lane’s Cakeball Masquerade, coming to The Triad on April 16.

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