Hellz Corner: Q&A with Vixen Valentine

LFF_Feb16_VixenValentine’s Day is almost upon us, so let’s get up close and personal with the appropriately named Vixen Valentine. Vixen will be performing with us Saturday at The Triad. Have you gotten your tickets yet? Hurry, they are going fast!

Name: Vixen Valentine

Social Media/Website:

How long have you been burlesquing?
If we are counting the times I would ransack my mothers makeup, spray every bottle of her perfume on myself, then run around the house in her high heels, the answer is: since I was a little girl. If we are just counting when I started performing burlesque on stage, since 2010.

What drew you/draws you to burlesque?
I have a background in Women’s Studies and Theater and with burlesque I can play in this realm of gender, sexuality, parody, and satire. It is the perfect blend of my educational background with my love of performing.

What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?
I travel a lot to perform and teach so I am constantly reading as I wait to board a plane or while I’m on a train. When I am not on the road I am creating new routines or working on a project.

Who is your dream Valentine?
Now that would be telling and I can’t give away all of my secrets.

Make Vixen your Valentine this Saturday at our show Love Me If You Dare. Doors open at 9 PM.

LFF_Feb16_Triad_update (4)Love me if you Dare. At the Triad THIS SATURDAY, 9 PM. Hosted byJule Brittannia.  Featuring: Pandora and Candy Applebottom. Special Guests: Freaky Candy and Vixen Valentine. With: Molly Manhattan, Ruby Mechant, Spicy L’amour, Munroe Lilly, Jack of Hearts, Luna Rapture, Silky Bliss, Shimmy LeCoeur and Hellz Kitten. And more! Don’t miss out!

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