Hellz Corner: Q&A with Molly Manhattan

mollybystrikerIt’s almost Saturday which also means it’s almost showtime! One of the performers joining us this weekend is Molly Manhattan, who will draw you into her circle and take you for a spin.

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How long have you been burlesquing?
In my brain, several years.
In actuality, about two months!

What drew you/draws you to burlesque?
The seductive circle also known as the hula hoop led me here. I’ve always loved the glamorous costuming and creativity of burlesque, so fusing that with my passion for hoop dance has been a fun exploration.

What do you do when you’re not burlesquing?
I perform with the hoop, I teach hoop dance, I rally the NYC hoop community for special events like the New York Dance Parade, I waltz through parties looking fabulous, and I daydream about being a mermaid. In my nine-to-five life, I am a sex educator.

Who is your dream Valentine?
Peter Griffin. Just kidding! A hilarious, irreverent man like Russell Brand or Joe Rogan are my kind of dreamboats.

Come see Molly THIS SATURDAY at The Triad. Tickets are still available but selling out fast!


LFF_Feb16_Triad_update (4)Love me if you Dare. At the Triad THIS SATURDAY, 9 PM. Hosted byJule Brittannia.  Featuring: Pandora and Candy Applebottom. Special Guests: Freaky Candy and Vixen Valentine. With: Molly Manhattan, Ruby Mechant, Spicy L’amour, Munroe Lilly, Jack of Hearts, Luna Rapture, Silky Bliss, Shimmy LeCoeur and Hellz Kitten. And more! Don’t miss out!

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