Making the World Better Through Burlesque

Spicy L'amour, Ruby Mechant, Luscious Lane, Hellz Kitten | Photo: Bea Trouble

The LFF difference:

Through trial and error, we’ve learned that the best shows and classes involve a lively theme that gets the audience or student invested. We want to give you more than a night out – we want to give you an experience you’ll never forget!

We know you have a million options on Saturday night – we want to be your number one!


Spicy L’amour, Ruby Mechant, Luscious Lane, Hellz Kitten


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What people are saying...

"It's a delight and a pleasure to share the stage with Les Femmes Fatales. On stage, they have it all: charm, sex appeal, humor, wit, grace, and an attitude that gets your heart & your mind racing! These women know how to work a stage while rocking fabulous costumes, even more so once the costumes come off!"​
"I have grown immensely as a dancer from LFF's Act Development class. What is most important to me is the level of attention I received and the encouragement I was given, not only as a student of the craft, but as a legit performer. Compared to some other classes I’ve taken, the LFF experience remains one of the best I’ve had."
"My experience with Les Femmes Fatales has been warm and lovely since the very first contact with Ruby. The show was funny & irreverent, a perfect combination of different styles and abilities. Extraordinary hospitality and availability and I hope to come back to NYC and return to the warm hug of Les Femmes Fatales."

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