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Where we’re going

Ruby Mechant – July 20Hotel Chantelle, NYC

July 21: We’ve Made It! Halfway to the Holidays at West End Lounge. BUY TICKETS!

July 28: Dance with Risqué: NY Edition – sign up – for this sexy, fun class!

October 13: A special tribute to GREASE! at the Triad. Stay tuned for info.

Where we’ve been

Host Gina Tonic and the amazeballs cast of ‘Bananas vs. Cherries’ at Drom on March 10

We made our Drom debut with Bananas vs. Cherries on Saturday, March 10. And we raised $200 for The Center! Photos here and here!

On Saturday, December 9, we had an Awkward Holiday Party at the Triad. Click here for photos!

Femme Fatale noun. An attractive and seductive woman; one who uses her beauty, charm and sexual allure to accomplish a hidden goal. History suggests she will bring disaster to those caught in her web, but we take issue with that.

Our only enemies are the pedestrian and the mundane; the life not lived. We believe every woman has an innate sparkle and an inner badass. Our goal is to help her find it.

Les Femmes Fatales: Using our feminine wiles to destroy the banal.

  • Are you ready to be intrigued?
  • Are you ready to be inspired?
  • Are you ready to surrender to your innermost desires?

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Les Femmes Fatales believe in giving back. A portion of our proceeds goes to charity.

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