About us

Toutes les femmes, after our first show at The Triad. With our awesome tech guy, Shannon. (photo: Luna Tuna Photography by Yoshio)

Our Story

In 2012, eight accomplished women from all over the globe met in a dance studio in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. Some had danced their whole lives; some couldn’t even walk in heels.

Before you can say “pastie,” we were on stage at Greenwich Village’s Le Poisson Rouge, shaking and shimmying in front of hundreds of adoring fans as part of a burlesque troupe called The Pink Chardonnays.

For some of us, those first moments on stage are still terrifying. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: once managed, fear becomes inspiration. Conquer the stage and you conquer the world. Own an audience and you own your destiny.

We believe this is something every woman should experience. And some day, we will make that happen. For now, we’ll settle for twirling, teasing and titillating one person at a time.

UPDATE, April 2017: Since our launch in September of 2015, we have produced nine successful shows and raised nearly $3,000 for charity. Over the months, our group of eight became four, as some femmes moved on to other projects. But we are grateful for our time together. Thank you all so much for your continued love and support. We have great things planned for the future, so stay tuned! xoxo

Love us? Hate us? Drop us a line at info@lesfemmesfatalesnyc.com.

After our first show. With host Jule Brittannia. (Photo: Luna Tuna Photography by Yoshio)