Throwback Thursday: Burlesque of the 1960s

Hello lovers, Welcome back to our overview of burlesque history. Well, it’s the ’60s. Between the censorship of the ’50s, when a lot of clubs were closed, and the general […]

Rock and roll with Shimmy LeCoeur

Instagram: @shimmi13 The ’50s was a transformational decade, taking us from war and depression to a more fun, forward-looking youth culture that would dominate the second half of the 20th century. Nothing […]

Party Like It’s 1959: The Pink Squirrel

The ’50s mark the golden age of the cocktail party, evoking images of glamorous women in sexy black dresses, martini in hand, slinking around with sophisticated, chain-smoking, white-jacketed Don Drapers. This week’s cocktail […]

Fashion Flashback Friday: The 1950s

Welcome back to our weekly review of fashions of the past. Here’s an overview of the popular styles of the ’50s, with links to more info. Enjoy! With WWII over, […]

Throwback Thursday: Burlesque of the 1950s

After a golden age in the ’20s and early ’30s, burlesque’s decline began in the late ’30s. It was exacerbated by censorship in the ’40s and it continues into ’50s. But despite […]

Happy Days: The ’50s

Well folks, we made it through prohibition, depression and world world war. What fresh hell does the ’50s have in store for us? WWII has been over for a few […]

sparkle and tease spicy lamour

Oh L’amour! Spicing up the ’40s

FB: spicylamour Instagram: @spicylamour Website: Despite war raging across the globe, the ’40s conjure up images of romance, intrigue and danger – the perfect rôle for a femme fatale. And who […]

Party Like it’s 1949: The French 75

We here at LFF can’t resist anything French or anything that has champagne, so this week’s cocktail is a French 75. The drink dates back to WWI, but became popular in […]