Fashion Flashback Friday: The 1950s

Welcome back to our weekly review of fashions of the past. Here’s an overview of the popular styles of the ’50s, with links to more info. Enjoy!

With WWII over, and with it, the rules that governed everything from hemlines to sleeve-lengths, fashion exploded. Bright colors, full skirts, some using as much as six yards of fabric, were all the rage. With the economy booming, people had more money to buy more clothes and fashion became a statement to illustrate one’s social status. Women too, were expected to dress up even while at home.

Last week, we learned about Dior’s 1947 New Look, and that’s the silhouette that carried over through much of the ’50s.

Dior’s New Look
More New Look
The New Look makes its way to the masses
Skinny version of the New Look
It also comes in black
And leopard! (Want so bad!)
Balenciaga’s “sack” dress, which doesn’t even look good on the model
More sack madness
How about a two-piece sack?

For more, check the sites below.

For men, the ’50s was the era of the “gray flannel suit,” with styles moving away from the wilder fashions of the ’40s (zoot suit, anyone?) and into a more conservative era. Suits were narrower and less fussy.

Men in suits
An evening at the bathhouse
Cardigans were also a thing for men
Cardigans were also a thing for men
Hats, of course, we're de rigueur
Hats, of course, were de rigueur

Read more about men’s fashions, including casual wear, HERE.

And for more info on 1950s fashion, check the sites below.

Don’t forget to check back next week as we cover the fabulous, funky ’60s.

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