See the ’30s through Ruby-Colored Glasses

Instagram: @ruby_mechant The ever-glamorous Ruby Mechant will be on hand to rep the ’30s for Decadent: 100 Years of Burlesque on April 22. We spoke with her to learn a little […]

Fashion Flashback Friday: The 1930s

So it’s the Great Depression and all, but that doesn’t mean we have to dress like it. Fashion in the ’30s is surprisingly glamorous. Gone is the boxy, boylike flapper […]

Throwback Thursday: Burlesque in the 1930s

Last week, we learned that burlesque evolved out of vaudeville, showcasing comedy and variety acts rather than straight-up stripping. This changed in the late ’20s and ’30s, when the advent […]

Unleashed Photos!

Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday, February 18 for Unleashed: Pilots, Puppies and Pasties! We had a great debut at the Metropolitan Room and raised over $300 for Pilots […]

Party Like it’s 1929: The Bee’s Knees

It wouldn’t be the ROARING Twenties without overindulgence. And despite Prohibition’s being in full force, there was no shortage of alcohol available. Well, maybe there was SOME shortage, but Americans […]

Fashion Flashback Friday: The 1920s

Hello! Today is Friday and we are focused on fashion! Specifically fashion of the 1920s, it being Roaring Twenties week and all. The twenties marks a new, less restrictive era, […]

Throwback Thursday: Burlesque in the 1920s

Hi friends! It’s Roaring Twenties week at LFF, so let’s learn a little about what burlesque was like in the Jazz Age. Well, actually, we need to start a little further […]

A ‘Dandy’ Trip Through Time

FB: dandy.dillinger IG: @dandydillinger We are beyond excited for Decadent, our voyage through 100 years of burlesque, on April 22, and we are even more excited to welcome back Dandy […]