Meet the Treats: Matt Knife

Hello lovahs! Our Halloween show, La Fête Fatale, is nearly a week away! We are excited to have  Matt Knife, aka “The Baron of Boylesque,” on our sexy roster of treats. Read on to learn more […]

LFF in the News: West Side Rag

OMG! Our Halloween show made the world-renowned Upper West Side blog West Side Rag! HALLOWEEN-THEMED STRIP-TEASE BENEFITS VETERANS

Meet the Treats: Spiced Cider

Hello! Our sexy Halloween show La Fête Fatale, will be here before you know it. We’d like to introduce you to the seasonally appropriate Spiced Cider, who will grace the stage with the […]

Meet the Treats: Unsung Hera

Hi friends! Our Halloween show, La Fête Fatale, is fast approaching and we’d like you to meet one of our sassy stars, Unsung Hera. Read on for more. Social Media/website: IG: sarahdavisactress YouTube: sarahdavisactress How long […]

Meet the Treats: Chardonnay LaTease

Hello lovers! It’s almost time for our sexy Halloween show, La Fête Fatale, and boy, do we have a show for you. Read on to learn more about this sassy performer who […]

Fright Night

Are your palms getting a little sweaty? Is your heart pounding? Do you feel a sense of unease you can’t explain? You’re not imagining it. Here’s a taste of what […]


Hello friends and lovers. We femmes are big on inner sparkle, but what enhances inner sparkle more than silky freshwater pearls or a sparkly topaz cocktail ring? How about a sensuous gold and onyx […]